Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Zook Skull Bat

Zook Skull Bat by [rich]
Zook Skull Bat, a photo by [rich] on Flickr.

My good buddy, [rich] sculpted this based on my latest tattoo which was based on a doodle by our mutual friend DevilDust (Double D).

AND! He's sending it to ME! Squee!

How do I rate, eh?

Tasty, tasty!


Via Flickr:
Was up early this morning so thought I'd not waste the time and made my good friend Zook a little sculpt (he's always on at me for not sculpting enough skulls) - so here's one of his Flying Skull Bat tattoo emblem:

- hope ya like it Zook I'll send him over asap,

Lace Agate Jasper Skull Sculpture

Another AWESOME ebay steal. Picked up this bad boy for a whopping Ninety-five cents! Less than nine bucks with shipping. W00t! It's about 3X2X2 inches and weighs about half a pound.

Will make a very nice addition to my little growing collection of carved skulls...

Stay tasty!


Skull Cafe Racer Sculptures by David Lozeau

More awesomeness by David Lozeau!

"These bad boys were sculpted in clay, cast in resin, hand-painted, antiqued, and then clear-coated to achieve a distinctively British 1960s counterculture appearance. They make great gifts, shift knobs*, or desk accessories for motorcycle and car lovers!"

"Colors vary and inventory is extemely limited in this small run of custom sculptures."

Hand-cast in resin. From an original clay sculpt. And hand-painted. All that for only fifty bones! Tasty!

El Mecanico Necklace by David Lozeau

I'm a little late on this, but just re-discovered this beautiful necklace by the mad-talented David Lozeau.

From David's site:

"Based on David's "El Mecanico" painting, the Skinny Dog Design Group hand-crafted this 1.5" x 1" sterling silver pendant and paired it with an 18" sterling silver chain. From the intricate details on the bandanna to the tiny groves on the wrenches, this unique piece of jewelry exudes quality and style.

Each skull pendant is stamped .925, DLo, and Skinny Dog. Only 20 will be made in this special edition, licensed run."

Still some left! What a loverly piece of jewelry!

Always tasty!


Saturday, 26 March 2011

More ebay skullage

Another ebay doozy. That's noice!
Like the previous skull, I love the hard, clean lines of this one.
Z to double "Oh" K!

Cyborg Skull

I. So. Want this. Now! But I don't see any buying links. Course, I don't read Japanese, so maybe I'm missing something?
Whoop! Found a bronze-colored on ebay, but don't like it nearly as much.
Always tasty,

Friday, 4 March 2011

Download Now

Download Now by [rich]
Download Now a photo by [rich] on Flickr.

Master skull doodler, Rich Page, who founded the SkullNation group on Flickr , has gone and collected all of the skulls from his 2010 365 project into a very snazzy little e-book which is free to download for your viewing pleasure.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

SkullHouse: White Skulls and Box Set

Now, that. Is gorgeous. Yet another wonderful set by the uber-talented of SkullHouse on etsy.
I absolutely LOVE the stark contrast of the flat white skulls and the rusted out box atop which they set.
Can't recommend this guys' stuff enough. If you haven't yet, do yourself a favor and score one of his many beautiful skulls.
As always, tell him Zook sent ya, and stay tasty!