Saturday, 31 July 2010

Tattoo Comission...

So. A bit of shameless self-promotion, I guess, but since his face is a skull it's still skull-nation-related, technically! A few months back an art-collector and friend from Chicago had contacted me asking if I would contribute a design to be used in a collaboration piece for a tattoo sleeve he was having done. I was keen on the notion and got to work. After some communication with Ron and his wife I cooked up this guy whom I refer to as "The Accidental Teddy":

The Accidental Teddy: Final: Tattoo Commission

I'm very excited for a few reasons! First of all other collaborators for the sleeve tattoo include design greats such as Frank Kozik and Joe Ledbetter, among others, and the sleeve is scheduled to be tattooed by LA Ink superstar Hanna Aitchison! Super stoked! Work is scheduled to begin on August 25th! Can't wait to see the finished piece!



IzWoz: Skull Art on

I ran across the collective known as IzWoz, who operate out of Adelaide South Australia, on etsy this morning and absolutely love thier style. The "Skull Shaman" shirt was the first to catch my eye (I _was_ looking for skulls after all). the IzWoz has several really excellent designs.
IzWoz is ‘An interlocking construct of syntax symbolizing the rolling evolving nature of universal creativity- Everything in existence is in the constant process of becoming something else’
I have no idea what tha means, but I'm pretty sure it's Australian for "We create kick ass shirts!" Or something like that.
The Skull Shaman is my favorite design, but I'm a cheap bastard and $48, while perhaps not a lot to pay for a piece of "art" is a helluva lot to pay for a t-shirt. Maybe I'lll mull it over a bit. Or maybe I'll let the artists know that I graciously dedicated my Saturday morning blogging about them and they'll send me lots of free stuff! Yeah. Probably not after declaring I think their stuff, while awesome, is too expensive for my cheap ass. :P
Anywho! Roll on over to IzWoz and check out some gnarly!
This post has been brought to you by letter "Zook" and by the words "Saturday", "Drunk" and "Munky".
Cheers. Happy weekend. Watch the Zima, eh, folks?

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Zenx13 (again) Video Flip Through

In repsonse to [rich]s flip through of his year in skulls thus far, Zenx13 has produced his own with a smashing soundtrack to boot!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Skull Scouts?

Freaking. Awesome! Not just that the patches rock, but that a real live Girl Scout Troop Leader had these made for her Girl Scouts. That's gotta be the most hardcore Girl Scout Troop ever! EVER!

Ripped from the pages of Skull-a-day

I would buy a pack of these in a heartbeat, and though Noah has gotten his mits on a handful of the patches, like a girl scout, ya gots to EARN them patches. Follow the link to find out how you can win you a patch direct from Skull-a-day!
Cheers. Happy Zombie Tuesday!

Monday, 26 July 2010

The mysterious wanderer known only as "zenx13" has been a prolific contributor to the Skull-Nation, second in submissions only to your fearless leader [rich] and more then doubling my own contributions with 176 skull images submitted to the pool to date!
Thanks, mate, for helping to make the Skull-Nation what it is!

Skulls at is one of my favorite places to look for skull stuff.

One of my favorite skull-makers is Skull House who makes awesome stuff like that up there.
"These slip cast porcelain skulls are all made in small one of a kind batches. Each is hand carved, textured, or glazed. Then fired to around 2300 degrees."
Now I'm no potter and I'm not sure what "slip cast" means, but I can only assume it means "Awesome!"
I've yet to score one of his beautiful skulls and I'm not sure why, though I have purchased other items from himat
Go check him out. And in general. A simple search for "skull" will net you all sorts of wicked results.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Oh. Yes. I so need me a set of these bad boys. Head on ove to and score you some of these! These would also be sweet to do some flavored/colored cubes in. Hmm... Add a little cream to make them more opaque for use in iced coffee drinks? Ffffuuuu... Holy crap! They're only SIX BUX? Ok. Gots to go spend money.

Bone Chillers Ice Tray

Buh buy! (see what I did there? Oh yeah)


Friday, 23 July 2010

Ripped from the pages of fellow Skull (and bacon) blogger Skulls and Bacon is this scrumptions skull-themed bedding set. How fakkin' cool would that be. I'd snuggle all day long in that bed!

A quick flick through...

A quick flick through...
Originally uploaded by [rich]
So. [rich], being our proud papa and all, felt it necessary to show us all up by flipping through his current sketch book and showin us just how much ASS he KICKS.

Dude has some seriously nice drawing chops.

Check out the video and drool...

I Want Your Skull

I Want Your Skull is a class act.

"I Want Your Skull was started in October of 2006 by Ryan August as a reaction against the gross commercialization and commodification of the sacred image of the skull."

"Print issues are compiled several times a year. Each issue features the work of dozens of artists from around the world; as well as, interviews and features on those keeping the tradition of skull imagery alive and vital. The website further promotes the efforts of these individuals, spreading the news of current accomplishments and conquests at the speed of our modern digital age.
Three years and counting…"

Each edition is severely limited and typically includes a limited edition print by a featured artist. The most recent issue upped the ante by including a black bandanna with skull imagery created by the legendary skull artist, Brian Morris, ooo000ooo.

Unfathomably, IWYS's founder, Ryan August, was taken from his family and friends on July 11th, 2010 in a fatal vehicle collison. Ryan's son was also in the car during the collision, and survived with minor cuts and bruising. Ryan died on impact.

Though IWYS is on necessary hiatus in the wake of this tragedy, Ryan's widow has vowed, "I will set to honoring his (Ryan's) commitments involving I Want Your Skull and its related blog."

Our thoughts and prayers are with Ryan's family and many, many friends. Whether you've been a fan of IWYS in the past, or you've just found them, do what you can to support IWYS in whatever capacity it returns in.

Blessings and Peace



Ten years ago a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime he didn't commit. This man promptly escaped from a maximum-security stockade to the South Wisconsin underground. Today, still wanted by the government, he survives as a soldier of fortune. If you have a beer, if no one else can drink it, and if you can find him, maybe you can hire... The Zook.

As they say a picture speaks a thousand works, so check out the dude’s awesome penmanship and growing tattoo collection here.

Skull Nation - Onwards.


Skull 192
Originally uploaded by [rich]
...our fearless leader, Rich.

Rich Page was born in the south and is now living above the middle (Notts UK). He likes to doodle, "on anything apart from the cats". He says he'd like to, but isn't allowed.

Rich devised a grand plan for 2010. A skull doodle each day, all year long, and posted to his flickr stream. He also created a flickr group to showcase his miriad bone heads and invited others to participate and the Skull-Nation was born.

Skull-Nation now boasts more than 600 contributors and over 1,500 skull drawings, doodles, tattoos and more!

A blog seemed to be a logical next step with hopes of this little home-brewed community art project taking on a life of its own.

Help us make the Skull-Nation successful! Doodle some skulls! Drop 'em into the pool at Skull-Nation and let's see where we go from here!

Cheers, chaps and chapettes!


Friday, 16 July 2010

Get Involved

If you like to doodle and even better if you like to doodle skulls then SkullNation is for you. We'd love to welcome all comers to join in over on Flickr by scribbling, sculpting or painting a skull based design and adding it to our group. If you fancy looking through our amazing collection of images from around the world or would like to know a little about our group head on over here to Flickr.

Welcome To The Blog

Hello and welcome,
It's finally here - the new SkullNation blog. It's been a busy year so far for SkullNation, since the group began in January it's gone from strength to strength - Thanks go out to everyone for their support and awesome skulls.

Now it's time to extend the SkullNation reach with a blog. We are looking to get featured artists interviews and products up on the site ASAP, also we want this blog to be driven by you guys - so let us know what you would like to see on here. All suggestions are welcome.

Cheers for now