Saturday, 31 July 2010

IzWoz: Skull Art on

I ran across the collective known as IzWoz, who operate out of Adelaide South Australia, on etsy this morning and absolutely love thier style. The "Skull Shaman" shirt was the first to catch my eye (I _was_ looking for skulls after all). the IzWoz has several really excellent designs.
IzWoz is ‘An interlocking construct of syntax symbolizing the rolling evolving nature of universal creativity- Everything in existence is in the constant process of becoming something else’
I have no idea what tha means, but I'm pretty sure it's Australian for "We create kick ass shirts!" Or something like that.
The Skull Shaman is my favorite design, but I'm a cheap bastard and $48, while perhaps not a lot to pay for a piece of "art" is a helluva lot to pay for a t-shirt. Maybe I'lll mull it over a bit. Or maybe I'll let the artists know that I graciously dedicated my Saturday morning blogging about them and they'll send me lots of free stuff! Yeah. Probably not after declaring I think their stuff, while awesome, is too expensive for my cheap ass. :P
Anywho! Roll on over to IzWoz and check out some gnarly!
This post has been brought to you by letter "Zook" and by the words "Saturday", "Drunk" and "Munky".
Cheers. Happy weekend. Watch the Zima, eh, folks?

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