Friday, 23 July 2010

I Want Your Skull

I Want Your Skull is a class act.

"I Want Your Skull was started in October of 2006 by Ryan August as a reaction against the gross commercialization and commodification of the sacred image of the skull."

"Print issues are compiled several times a year. Each issue features the work of dozens of artists from around the world; as well as, interviews and features on those keeping the tradition of skull imagery alive and vital. The website further promotes the efforts of these individuals, spreading the news of current accomplishments and conquests at the speed of our modern digital age.
Three years and counting…"

Each edition is severely limited and typically includes a limited edition print by a featured artist. The most recent issue upped the ante by including a black bandanna with skull imagery created by the legendary skull artist, Brian Morris, ooo000ooo.

Unfathomably, IWYS's founder, Ryan August, was taken from his family and friends on July 11th, 2010 in a fatal vehicle collison. Ryan's son was also in the car during the collision, and survived with minor cuts and bruising. Ryan died on impact.

Though IWYS is on necessary hiatus in the wake of this tragedy, Ryan's widow has vowed, "I will set to honoring his (Ryan's) commitments involving I Want Your Skull and its related blog."

Our thoughts and prayers are with Ryan's family and many, many friends. Whether you've been a fan of IWYS in the past, or you've just found them, do what you can to support IWYS in whatever capacity it returns in.

Blessings and Peace


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