Friday, 23 July 2010


Skull 192
Originally uploaded by [rich]
...our fearless leader, Rich.

Rich Page was born in the south and is now living above the middle (Notts UK). He likes to doodle, "on anything apart from the cats". He says he'd like to, but isn't allowed.

Rich devised a grand plan for 2010. A skull doodle each day, all year long, and posted to his flickr stream. He also created a flickr group to showcase his miriad bone heads and invited others to participate and the Skull-Nation was born.

Skull-Nation now boasts more than 600 contributors and over 1,500 skull drawings, doodles, tattoos and more!

A blog seemed to be a logical next step with hopes of this little home-brewed community art project taking on a life of its own.

Help us make the Skull-Nation successful! Doodle some skulls! Drop 'em into the pool at Skull-Nation and let's see where we go from here!

Cheers, chaps and chapettes!


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