Saturday, 31 July 2010

Tattoo Comission...

So. A bit of shameless self-promotion, I guess, but since his face is a skull it's still skull-nation-related, technically! A few months back an art-collector and friend from Chicago had contacted me asking if I would contribute a design to be used in a collaboration piece for a tattoo sleeve he was having done. I was keen on the notion and got to work. After some communication with Ron and his wife I cooked up this guy whom I refer to as "The Accidental Teddy":

The Accidental Teddy: Final: Tattoo Commission

I'm very excited for a few reasons! First of all other collaborators for the sleeve tattoo include design greats such as Frank Kozik and Joe Ledbetter, among others, and the sleeve is scheduled to be tattooed by LA Ink superstar Hanna Aitchison! Super stoked! Work is scheduled to begin on August 25th! Can't wait to see the finished piece!



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