Monday, 2 August 2010

Holes Geological Tectonic Skull

So I blogged about Skullhouse a little while ago, and featured a wicked-cool skull Cyrus had done and immediately after posting I asked myself, "Why in the hell are you blogging about this instead of buying it?".

I didn't have a satisfactory asnwer, so. It's mine!
This little bugger is AWESOME! Smaller than I had anticipated, but it's a beauty. He looks awfully lonely, though, so I may have to score another one or three and make a nice little display out of them. He also came with a nice little base made out of reclaimed wood, which was a nice touch. I just used the word "nice" three times in this paragraph (four if you count my usage of the word in THIS sentence). Why would I use that word so much in a single paragraph? Is my vocaublary truly so shallow? And why am I obsessing over it now? This paragraph now sports two wholly divergent themes, lacks a single, cohesive point and is now 217% longer than it needed to be. Moving on...
Please excuse the crappy photo quality. Taken with my Palm Pre, uploaded to Facebook (which converts images to .bmp for some reason, dl to my 'puter and then uploaded to skull-nation). See what I go through for you people? I sure hope you're appreciative of all my hard work! But I know you're not, cuz you suck that way. Just kidding! I love you! But really.
Go check out some skulls at Skull House!! !!! !

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