Sunday, 8 August 2010

Skull Patches

Skulls and patches go together like beer and breakfast! So I decided to turn to ebay to see what kind of wicked-killer skull patches I could add to my collection BEHOLD!
I know I've seen this around before, but tonight it struck me in particular.
Being a biker dude I kind of have the perfect excuse to collect lots of skull patches and I think this is a great example becaise I really love putting equal parts biker and geek into the blender together. I think I may be creating a whole new sub-genre of nerd. Like, "Don't cross me or I'll gut you, or maybe we can just go back to my place and watch "Firefly" or "Dr. Horrible" or play some Munchkin".
But seriously. Don't mess with me cuz I'm still a biker...

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