Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The Skull-Nation

Skull image by Matt Rea

I just wanted to take a moment to reiterate that The Skull-Nation is, first and foremost, a COMMUNITY art project. We'll be blogging about skull-related stuff here just cuz it's what we like, but in the end this is really about everyone out there that's doing any kind of skull-related art.

Please. If you have any interest in being a part of The Skull-Nation, do drop us a line. There's a contact link up here on this page somewhere (I can't see it from where I'm standing, but you should be able to). Or you could just send me some mail directly @ or head over to the Skull-Nation flickr page.

Contributions, suggestions, ideas, cool skull products or sites, anything skull-related to share would be welcome. Or, ya know, you could just send us some e-mail telling us how awesome we are. We already KNOW we're awesome, but we can always handle a little more ego-stroking.

Cheers, y'all. Stay tasty!

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