Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Crystal Head Vodka

Like gettin' your drink on?

Like skulls?

How about Vodka? In a skull?

Maybe you've seen it at the liquor store or maybe you've been sleeping your way through life. I've seen this time and time and time again at my local store. I'm more of a beer geek than a vodka guy, but come ON! It's in a freakin' skull-shaped bottle!

So I finally got my hands on one and the vodka was good. But then again I really don't KNOW what makes a vodka "good", but it didn't give me a nasty hangover like cheap vodka does (and at $50 a bottle Crystal Head does NOT qualify as "cheap" in my world).

The best part about Crystal Head Vodka is finishing the bottle, though. Now I have a wicked-cool glass skull bottle to play with. Haven't decided what to do with it yet... Fill with colored sand? Fill with a red, viscous liquid? Fill with skull beads?

What would YOU do with that beautiful glass skull bottle, huh?

Crystal Head Vodka product site

Skull-Themed vodka recipes


  1. Got one of those on my dining room table. Exactly the same, since the damn thing isn't opened. Need to do something about that soon.

  2. It's not a bad vodka, mate. Of course now I've found the double size bottle and I'll have to score one of them. Think it goes for like One oh Five. /cringe

  3. I was just able to get a bottle myself. They had't been shipping them to my state until recently! The vodka is very good in itself but nothing beats the skull bottle! Since I'm a photographer, I manly bought it because I wanted to shoot the bottle glowing and w/ different colored water and things inside it. Pictures will follow! :)