Friday, 24 September 2010

Pixel Skull Microfiber Necktie

Another GLORIOUS etsy find! I've seen work from etsy seller, toybreaker, before and have always enjoyed the ties that they produce. I don't personally wear ties. Ever. But if I were forced to, I'd love to be sporting one of their tasty works.

I also especially enjoy their Bombs Away, Red Robot Inferno, and Crash.

Check 'em out!

And, as always, stay tasty!


Monday, 20 September 2010

SkeletalDropKick @ Etsy

Another favorite from Etsy that I've yet to order from (Silly, silly Zook!). This guy's work was actually my very, very first "favorite" on and I have no idea why have yet to order one of his awesome ceramic mugs. I think it's always come down to the size of the mugs which are a little small for my typical usage (I drink coffee by the GALLON, son). Lousy excuse. I will need to remedy this. In typical Skull-Nation fashion, now that I've blogged about them, I'm likely to go throw some more money at etsy order me one or three or these bad boys.
Unfortunately, SkeletalDropKick's profile doesn't give us much information about the artist, so if there's something you want to know, you'll have to, ya know, ask him and stuff. Or maybe I should quit being so lazy and start Skull-Nation interview series.
Anywho! Thanks for dropping by! Stay tasty!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

"I See Skulls"

Meat Skull
Originally uploaded by Zook74

I've just received word from the fine folks at Skull-a-Day that my "Meat Skull" photo is to be included in a new book they're throwing together featuring simulacra images from the blog.

W00t! W00t! I'll be internet famous, now! Fame! Riches! Babes! And an endless river of glorious craft beer flowing to my parched lips!

Or, ya know, maybe I'll just have something to show peeps at parties.

Or, ya know, a new coaster for the coffee table.

And stuff.

Cheers! And, as always, staaaaayyyyy TASTY!

~Zook (who's had too much caffiene today)

Skullptured Fruit (get it? SKULLptured?) wink, wink

I just stumbled upon these beautiful creations, carved from FRUIT via "Inspire Me Now" and I am HUNGRY! Just kidding! I couldn't EAT them.I couldn't find any information on the artist, Dimitri Tsykalo, though I probably could've looked harder, but I'm just lazy and have better stuff to do, and, well, stuff.
Hit the link to visit the original post at
Thanks for stopping by. Stay tasty!

Monday, 13 September 2010


Originally uploaded by crankmaggot

My man Rick, aka Crankmaggot, delivers up another killer skull, "Mickey Bones", and it's wicked.

Do yourself a favor and check out Rick's other creatures and creations. Truly terrifying stuff lurk within his photostream.

Thanks for stoppin' by!

Stay tasty!


Friday, 3 September 2010

Skull Swag

Skull Swag
Originally uploaded by Zook74
What an awesome haul!

Last Saturday I received two slip cast porcelain skulls from SkullHouse and a wicked-cool belt buckle from WATTO.

I've blogged about both of these wonderskull artists before and I gotta say, they make some good stuffs!

Both highly recommended.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

650 +

Skull 259
Originally uploaded by [rich]
The Skull-Nation is now more than Six Hundred and Fifty strong! Booyah!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Black Skull

Black Skull
Originally uploaded by Zook74
Sorry for the lack of updates. I actually had an AWESOME Saturday with three, count them THREE skull-related shipments, but I really tore my back up Monday and have been pretty incapacitated since.

Will have a post up soon detailing items from WATTO, Skullhouse and ITS Tactical soon!

Cheers! Stay tasty!!