Monday, 20 September 2010

SkeletalDropKick @ Etsy

Another favorite from Etsy that I've yet to order from (Silly, silly Zook!). This guy's work was actually my very, very first "favorite" on and I have no idea why have yet to order one of his awesome ceramic mugs. I think it's always come down to the size of the mugs which are a little small for my typical usage (I drink coffee by the GALLON, son). Lousy excuse. I will need to remedy this. In typical Skull-Nation fashion, now that I've blogged about them, I'm likely to go throw some more money at etsy order me one or three or these bad boys.
Unfortunately, SkeletalDropKick's profile doesn't give us much information about the artist, so if there's something you want to know, you'll have to, ya know, ask him and stuff. Or maybe I should quit being so lazy and start Skull-Nation interview series.
Anywho! Thanks for dropping by! Stay tasty!

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