Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Skeleton Keds

So. I've been terrible about updates lately, but have not been TOTALLY slack. The Skull-Nation flickr group is still going strong with nearly 700 members and over 2,000 images posted.

I have giveaway in the works for a very awesome skull mug by my new friend Cris at SkeletalDropkick over at etsy who we're hoping to get an interview with to kick off the Skull-Nation artist inverview series.

In the mean time, check out these wicked Skeleton Keds by Zoo&Co that found their way into the Skull-Nation flickr pool. They are TASTY! Too bad they weren't on a pair of riding boots. Then again...with winter upon us here in the midwest the scooter will have to be put away for the winter and I can't just go around wearing my biker boots all winter YES I CAN!!! so maybe, maybe, maybe... Hmm...

Anywho! Thanks for playing along children!

Spy any blogable skull art out there that we're missing, drop us a note and get us on current page!

Stay tasty!


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