Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Skull Mug

So. Over the summer I blogged about the awesomely skully work of skeletaldropkick. I had finally gotten around to ordering one of her kick ass skull tiki mugs and, within six hours of receiving it, dropped it on the concrete in the parking lot of work while getting on the bike.

Needless to say I was heartbroken.

For one reason or another I had not gotten around to ordering a replacement (cheap bastard), but today a friend of mine sent me a text that she was drinking out of a mug with a jolly roger on it and that it had made her think of me. I responed that _I_ needed a mug with a skull on it and promptly headed over to etsy and, within minutes, had purchased a replacemnt mug!

Yaaayyy!! Can't wait for this baby to show up.

And that brings me to my NEXT point. Back when I ordered my mug this summer I had talked with the Skeletaldropkick about possibly doing a giveaway. She was kind enough to offer up another one of a kind Skeletaldropkick mugs for me to offer to one of our loyal readers (we do have some, right?). So. Long overdue: I have another mug, similar to the one displayed here, in white, that I would like to give away! Yaaayyyy! Free skull mug! I'll even take care of the shipping so long as you reside in these united states!

How, you may ask, should be able to obtain such a prize? Good question. Hmmm... Lemme think for a moment. I hadn't planned this out very well...

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